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Originally Posted by cowboywannabe View Post
i wonder why there is proof of them other than hear say stories? they seem to be abondant in the lower 48 yet nobody can provide proof, just speculation.

this isnt like the coelacanth which was only seen in fossils until one was caught, we dont even have those of big foot.

I have wondered about that myself. Based upon my anecdotal experience, I think the people that really see it are only concerned with escaping it. All preconceived notions of killing it and doing whatever go out the window.

Also, I believe I saw a second set of eyes just to the south, behind, of the creature. I have wondered if they travel in groups and even work to conceal their location/sign/remains. I know it sounds crazy but I have tried to figure out how it could make sense and be possible given what I saw.
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