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Originally Posted by Phases View Post
It took me about 20 calls but I got through this morning and cancelled my order. With any luck the refund will hit in a reasonable amount of time.

I'm never ordering from again.

Now, anyone know where else I might can find a SS guide rod with a user select-able spring weight? Or even just the spring?

I was trying to get a 14lb G27 spring. Stock is 16. (right?)

If so, please reply on my thread meant for this, I don't want to take this one off topic. Thanks..
Go to Ebay. There's sellers there with 5-digit ratings. They ship that same day, or next day at the latest, and it's the same stuff. Also check There's plenty of sellers there too of Glock parts, and they ship promptly.
Taste the wares, Email.
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