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Originally Posted by volsbear View Post
If you want to try being gang-raped by Samoans, switch to jumping lunges and jumping air squats. They are what they sound like.

In a lunge, while transitioning to/from each leg, jump into the next position. In air squats, on the ascension do a jump and then descend into the next squat.

It sucks billy goat balls.

I gotta save as much of my knees as possible. I don't doubt what you describe as being great, but it's not for me.

My main focus is lower body strengthening, focused on the major muscle groups and the ligaments/tendons that support the knees. I do a lot of slow, negative resistance focused stuff to work my ligaments and tendons. It's all about lessening osteoarthritis for me, and keeping the supportive ligaments and tendons strong and the joints properly aligned is key.

Once my knees are truly strong and healthy, and I can play longer and stronger on the tennis court, my weight-loss will accelerate.
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