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Originally Posted by jason10mm View Post
Squats and deadlifts are the king for boosting T. Gotta work those big muscle groups. So ditch all those isolation exercises designed to add that extra bump on top of the bicep for a competition bodybuilder and get back to the basics of what make people strong. Presses, pull-ups, and squats.
With my knees, I prefer lunges. They really wreck everything below the waist-line. And I'm too fat to do pull-ups, but I work the same muscles on the lat pull-down. And there's no way I'm going to do presses. I want my back and shoulders to be healthy for tennis, not wrecked.

If I did what you suggest, I would be at the gym maybe 3 times a week, with recovery periods in-between, and it would be too hard on certain joints. For me, that's not what works.

But yeah, I feel the T increases. Especially after my lower-body work. Big muscle groups being torn to shreds definitely spurs the T dumps.

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