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Originally Posted by GunHo198 View Post
They are more than welcome to try. But there are a lot more crazy people out there than you think. If you think what you hear in the news is bad now? Wait till the day they try. Most of my military buddies are geared up and waiting. It could only take but a spark to cause a full blown fire. And the kindling is already been set. The shortage of guns and ammo isn't because people are in a buying frenzy to get them off the streets, there buying because they want them before a ban. And there not just going to hand them over peacefully.

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As was recently in the news, imagine if Dorner has 100 buddies that all decided they had wanted to take on the police and the police didnt know who they were.

I think what is not being seen is that if people were to start revolting over gun confiscation, it will come that they wont WAIT for a team to come take them. Once doors start being kicked in for confiscation, that will change everything.

Think of it like how welcome an invading army would be welcomed.
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