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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
I keep trying to get into a good rythm with my work-outs, and experimenting with how much I lift versus how much cardio I do. At 43, I have to pay close attention to what my body tells me, watch how much sleep I get, etc.

Well, I got a nasty cold for close to 2 weeks, so I basically stopped working out for that ammount of time. I swear I put on 5 lbs in that time period.

Anyways, over the last 8 days I have been consistent with my work outs, doing less cardio and more lifting, and keeping it under 60 minutes total. This seems to be working really well, as I feel good, and not wrung out.

I'm pretty sure that at this age my testosterone levels have dropped significantly. But lifting without over-doing things seems to be raising my T levels nicely and naturally.

Just some words of positivity for anyone else that is working hard on their fitness. It feels really good once things start heading in the right direction.

And drink your damn orange juice. For Chrissakes, don't let yourself catch any bugs, it puts a serious damper on things.

Yep. Have to listen to the body. I've had to adjust what I do as I went from my thirties to my forties. Oh to be 20 something again but to know what we know now...
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