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Originally Posted by Agent6-3/8 View Post
Such as?

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Depends on where you are. In a ban state? Refuse to comply, like Sheriffs around the country have. Refuse to obey the law like the citizens of the ban states have. Refuse to play their little anti-2A game. Stand together and they can't hurt you.

In a state that isn't wrapped up in this crap? Vote with your wallet. Don't patronize them at all. Cancel your hunting trips, your sightseeing trips, your purchases from companies in their borders.

Admittedly, those of us in the non-ban states don't have to put as much skin in the game - finding other places to vacation, hunt, etc. is much less invasive than refusing to obey or enforce laws, but we were also smart enough to not elect politicians who passed this crap in the first place, so I'd say our preventative actions count for a lot.

Also, 115.

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