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Originally Posted by sheriff733 View Post
I know of one gun store in Greenbrier, TN that leaves all their cases open during business hours. It's slammed in there a few times through out the day, so they just leave the cases open so they don't have to open them every time somebody wants to hold one.

You could literally reach behind the counter, grab as many handguns as you could fit in your pockets and walk out. Not a single person would ever be the wiser.

On top of that, they leave all of their used rifles and shotguns on racks in the middle of the store. You can pick them up and inspect them at will. They are also about 20 feet from the door, right beside the open shelves of ammo.

I can't believe they are still doing this. I've been going there for over 5 years and it's been like that since day 1. It has since burnt down, but is reopened now. I'm curious if they have come up with a better system now. I doubt it. They never seemed to care before.
I would'nt step foot in that store. Forget dishonest, people are too stupid for something not to go terribly wrong.
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