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My father had a pretty good stamp collection. After he died my mother found a buyer for the really good stuff and divided up the rest of the US stamps by face value and gave it to the kids. We used it as postage and it was kind of fun - you'd use rows of 1 and 2-cent stamps to cover today's postage rates. Our mailman got alarmed and told us that we had valuable stamps there, but they had been checked and were worth face value only.

I also got an unfinished album of Austrian stamps as well and am having the same problem - don't know anything about them and don't really care much. I did look some up on the 'net and they weren't really worth more than a few cents each. I'm thinking to put the whole thing in our next garage sale for $5 if I can get it and let someone else invest the time in going through it - if they score, good for them.
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