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I ordered four magazines and a Glock holster on January 12th. I received just the holster in early February. They charged me 15.99 for the holster,(I've seen them for less,) and $16.20 for shipping on the entire order. The holster came in a $5.20 Priority Mail box.

I've found magazines locally for the same price, so I called them and canceled the remainder of my order. The guy I spoke to said they'd cancel the rest of the order and refund the difference in the shipping.

As of today 3/2 they haven't refunded the difference for the shipping.

I'd like to know why they take orders for items they don't have in stock. Their website gives you no indication that they're out of magazines. Midway's website and others will tell you whether an item is in stock or not.

Regardless of how this turns out this will be the last order I ever place with the Glockstore.

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