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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
Sigh. Again with the invalid comparisons?

Is that truly the best you can do? To re state tired arguments that are nothing like the situation being discussed?
Situation, as I see it, is that you're in vigorous disagreement with LE who would substitute their judgement for the courts. Over-reaching cops, we have people who know better, etc.

You've been given examples from the US, not some foreign land, where the court said, "do it".

So it's entirely valid to ask if you'd do those things. The court said that interning Japanese was legal. Would you do it? How is that off track? How is that nothing like the situation?

You've correctly pointed out a logical fallacy of an appeal to popularity in this thread. You're floundering, though, when it comes to your own use of appeal to authority. Which, if you did t know, is another fallacy.

So: will you enforce a law to pack Japanese away from the exclusion zone? Court said it was proper, and it's not like they're going to the ovens.
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