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Originally Posted by BicycleDay43 View Post
LEO's are paid to uphold and support the U.S. Constitution. Why are you so against cops respecting our Constitutional rights?

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I think that what he might be suggesting is exactly that - they are paid to uphold the Constitution and follow the rule of law. Both of which mean that there are processes to follow to determine the Constitutionality of actions and laws that precludes the officer from determining by himself what is and is not Constitutional, especially for situations where there is not clear consensus on both sides of an issue. Or perhaps I do not understand him myself. But I know I feel that way.

More than a few here would have a problem if a police agency decided to take it upon itself to make up policy to deny concealed weapon licenses despite state statute requirements. Yet people seem to be suggesting using the exact same extralegal process for the police to decide on the Constitutionality of an issue by themselves. If we allow the police to avoid the system in place to determine legality and Constitutionality, we must not be surprised when the police end up coming to a different conclusion than what we wish.
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