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Originally Posted by Mushinto View Post
The police going door to door, confiscating guns from honest citizens is hardly "a few gun laws." Besides being unconstitutional and immoral, it is quite dangerous for the officer. I know many otherwise law-abiding people who might shoot a police officer under these circumstances. I would imagine that many cops would refuse such service on the grounds that it was too dangerous.

As for AK, he is a soldier and not a cop. He does not have a clue. I have trained many ex-military for law enforcement. Some of them were the "only see black and white" kind of guys and they rarely made it as a police officer.

If a soldier refuses an order, he might be court martialed and shot. If an LEO refuses an order, he may be subject to discipline. Refusing an order because it is too dangerous, and assuming it is not normal police duties, will rarely result in discipline.
"going door to door, your talking extremes. But as long as were on the subject. I have been shooting, hunting and competing for 30 years. I have also experianced my share of violence. I hear a lot of internet tough talkers. 99% of the "from my cold dead hands" crowd would wet there pants if an entry team came through there door, the other 1% would be dead. Its all a silly fantasy
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