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Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
This might shatter some of your views of the world, but there are more political factors that a person uses to decide their political affiliation than guns.

Also, just because he supports gun rights does NOT make him a conservative. For example, you said he dropped out of MAIG group. That means he WAS a member at one time. Perhaps he dropped out because - politically - he was catching flak for being a member?

There are more dimensions to politics than any one issue. A Republican who supports same-sex marriage isn't a liberal, and a Democrat that supports CCW isn't a conservative. That's much to narrow of a view of the world.

ETA, my local mayor also just dropped out of MAIG, and he's about as liberal as you can get at the municipal level outside of a major metropolitan area.

The previous mayor, a rino through and through, joined the group, the new one said time and money would be better spent on prevention. The D. has held his ground fighting the unions wanting them to pay more for their health insurance, putting their own funds into retirement instead of taxpayers money, refused to support a new local gay rights initiative, etc. He's a conservative, he just hasn't yet admitted it to himself.
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