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Incredibly, my 10-22 Takedown came without the extractor installed! When I first got it Stingers did fine, a hotter round. Bulk ammo FTE about half the time. I thought that maybe someone at the store had take it down with the bolt closed and damaged the extractor before I bought it. I had bought it new but out of town so I couldn't just take it back to the store. I did not send it back to Ruger because I didn't want to be without it for weeks and I did not identify the problem. Local reliable gunsmith found problem and installed aftermarket extractor. I have several Ruger guns and am a fan but this just shows that anyone can make a mistake. Check that the extractor is there. I don't think it's the mag. Looking at the bolt, it's not obvious the it's missing unless you've seen one with the extractor in place. Hope this helps. By the way, if you install the Weaver rail, the factory iron sights are obscured. Anyone have suggestions on good replacements that will still allow quick release optics to be used sometimes?

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