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new Nexus 4

Bought two Nexus 4 phones last week (for me and my wife), shipped to me in 2 days (thanks Google!)

Wow this phone blows away anything I've used before...Android Jellybean is pretty nice. The unlocked Wi-Fi hotspot is nice as well.

I've never been a Google whore, but after syncing all my stuff with Google...I'll gladly feed the giant, because Google is on the right track.

I'm only going to get a rear glass protector and bumper case. I hate bulky case skins.

I use Straight Talk (AT&T) Unlimited plan. $45, no contract...It works, and gets better service where I live than the Straight Talk (TMobile) I can disconnect whenever I want and still use Google Talk via Wi-Fi.

If anyone was considering this phone, I highly suggest it....Get the 16GB version.
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