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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
I applaud their actions, but every single one of them should be fired.

It is not the polices job to decide what law is constitutional or right. Its their job to enforce the law.

Publicly announcing they will not fulfill their oath should be considered a verbal resignation and treated as such.
A lot are Sheriffs and they are elected. The courts have upheld that the police have discretion. They do not have to enforce every law all the time, as they have limited resources. Prosecutors do as well.

The president has publicly stated they will not enforce certain immigration laws in certain cases. Has he been fired? Has he been impeached? Has the head of the immigration department been fired for following that order?

They are following the path of the President of the United States. If they are wrong, then he is wrong. Remove them all. Or deal with it. A law does not have to ruled unconstitutional to be BE unconstitutional. This is evidenced by the fact that once it is ruled unconstitutional it is null and void from the date of passage, not from the date of ruling. This topic was discussed by our founding fathers.

Really all the Sheriff can do is not arrest or not report people for those actions. The DA decides who gets prosecuted. So you could go file a complaint when someone breaks those laws the Sheriff refuses to act on and see if the DA will prosecute based on the evidence you bring. Good Luck with that, it might make you very unpopular in some circles.
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