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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
So if you walked up to your boss and said, I object to doing what you pay me to do, what exactly do you think would be his recourse?

Thats exactly what those cops are saying. We're not going to do our jobs, and you can't make us do it.

Complete and utter horse crap.
Two completely different scenarios that do not line up. If you have a moral objection to the work you are doing then you walk. But if you have taken an oath to uphold not only the law but to support and defend the Constitution then you should understand that the supreme law IS the Constitution and it comes first and that ANY law that violates the Constitution is NULL AND VOID and can be rendered so by honorable men and women stepping up and NOT carrying out unlawful orders.

I am surprised at how many Americans don't know this or realize it.
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