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Originally Posted by JohnnyE View Post
" was created to help Gun enthusiasts purchase these high demand items during these difficult political times." Sure, that's why they're selling $14 mags for $70 something apiece.

Kudos to Brownell's! They could have cancelled every one of those 10 mags for $125 orders and sold the mags for $50 each...but they didn't!
I hope that PMAGSwarehouse burns down. It's all BS, one of my local dealers just received a box of 100 3G PMAGS and sold them at $25 (included WA sales tax) he's a FFL dealer, legit and fair. He was very honest that he is making what he needs to make and that is it. At $25 for the newest generation PMAG I didn't complain, bought 4 and thanked him for being a good guy.
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