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The fallacious concept that we have 3 coequal branches of government will eventually ruin this nation. The idea that 9 boneheaded lawyers who hold appointed positions for life can make the final decision about what our laws are or are not is tyrannical. It was not the intention of the majority of the nation's founders.

The congress created the SCOTUS, funds the SCOTUS and can overrule or limit the jurisdiction of the SCOTUS. There is a reason we call their rulings "opinions". The congress is most closely elected by the people and is the supreme ruling body of our land, next is the president or chief executive and finally the SCOTUS.

Are our contemporary legislatures and presidents too weak or ignorant to govern properly? Yes, but that doesn't change the system as designed. The concept of the "coequal judicial branch" and the supremacy of previous case law came out of Harvard Law School and the warped brain of Christopher Colombus Langdell in the late 1800s. The degradation of the nation by lawyers has continued ever since.

Just my opinion.
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