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Originally Posted by Daniel r View Post
need a meet and shoot weekend sometime in the summer.
Fellowship noise and putting holes in paper!
And yes East Tn is an option
Were right in the middle of the state and have a great range about 5 miles out of town, a couple of B&B's. I know the guy that owns the range and he'd let us reserve the place for a day or two charges normally $5.00/per person for all day. 15 bench rests out to 300yds coverd. 8 handgun 20 ydsc (I think)and covered, shotgun patterning and clays if you bring your own thrower.
Woodbury is a fine town.
I know my hens are good Republicans, they cackle after they lay their egg. I do have a young pullet that leans a little left. I can tell because of her cackling before she lays her egg.

That will change after a good "roostering".

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