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Originally Posted by Mad Ryan View Post
They're a much nicer gun than the 870 express guns IMO. After all the crap that Freedom Group is turning out these days I'll probably not be picking up an 870P like I was planning and instead picking up another 590A1 to replace the one I stupidly sold.
I agree with the 870 crap they are putting out! I looked at a Magpul Edition yesterday at Gander Mountain & almost bought it. While inspecting it, I discovered a small chunk missing from the barrel toward the front sight! It was oval & about the size of two pen tips put next to each other. The finish was in tact, so it came from the factory like that. The depth of the hole looked to be about half the barrel thickness.

I then went to Dunham's to see what they had. I found only one Tactical model. As soon as I got it in my hands, I knew something was wrong! On the left side of the receiver, bubbling! Right side of the receiver, a busted bubble with rust!!!

Even though I was looking to own my first Remington 870, I'm going back to Mossberg! Had a 500 Mariner about 15 years ago, sold it to pay bills! Had a 590A1 just a few years ago, also sold it to pay bills! Never had a problem with either one!!!
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