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I decided some years ago that 9mm would be my primary caliber. This was after I acquired a number of revolvers in .357 and before I bought a .380, a Glock 22 .40 cal., a S&W .44mag and several .45 cal. 1911s.

My 9mm pistols are still 'primary'. It's the caliber I shoot best. My other caliber handguns would be sold, if necessary, to fund ongoing 9mm competence, except the Glock 22; I have a .40 to 9mm conversion barrel and G17 mags so the G22 will operate on either caliber. If 9mm ammo gets short, maybe .40 will be available, or ice versa.

Your 10mm offers maximum caliber flexibility with conversion barrels, so your choice is great. Acquiring a few conversion barrels and mags would be money well spent for future uncertainty, I think.

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