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Originally Posted by DonD View Post
Not too long ago there was a thread asking why Federal bulk 9mm ammo of the type commonly sold by WalMart had a statement telling the user not to fire the ammo in ported guns. ....... He said the slugs are plated not true jacketed FMJs and that's the reason for the warning. .......

Thank you, Mr President. Don
Obviously you spoke to someone who hasn't the slightest idea what he's talking about! (Are you sure you didn't have Smyrna on the other end of the line?) I must have fired well over 5 or 6 thousand rounds of Federal's, 'Wal-Mart crap' through all three of my muzzle-ported Glock pistols. Whether the bullets, themselves, are plated or jacketed makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE, at all.

The only conceivable reason, 'Why' Federal doesn't want you to use their Wal-Mart ammo (The boxes have a small, 'WM' stamp on the outside of the box.) is because the Federal/Wal-Mart ammo is so underpowered that a ported pistol might fail to fully cycle the slide after the shot. That's it! There is nothing else to consider. If you ever run into a slide cycling problem, simply use a lighter recoil spring. Wolff Gunsprings sells them.
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