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Do you prefer just one gun (caliber) or more? Why?

It seems (in theory) that getting used to just one gun (or caliber) is prudent, allowing one to achieve proficiency and remain proficient as time goes on. Is this true, or is it better to get used to a variety of platforms and calibers for developing/maintaining high skill level of operating one's weapon(s)?

I own g29 in 10mm and use it for sd, hd, ccw, hiking - it seems like a very versatile tool. If I had another pistol, it seems I would have to at the very least double my training time, and more importantly have an increased possibility of messing up in critical moment (especially if one gun has manual safety and another doesn't, one is double-action and another single action, handle angles/shapes are different, gun weights are different, felt/actual recoil is different, magazine shapes are different, etc.)

A while ago I used to play guitar a lot... (Bear with me ) I had an electric and an acoustic (they differed in terms of breadth of the neck and in thickness/materials of the strings). Switching from one to another was a real byotch, no matter how long I've practiced with each individually! I wonder if the same might happen with firearms.

Anyway, let me know what you all think.
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