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Federal 9mm Ammo

Not too long ago there was a thread asking why Federal bulk 9mm ammo of the type commonly sold by WalMart had a statement telling the user not to fire the ammo in ported guns.

I called their tech line about 5-6 weeks ago and never got a response. Called again today and they returned the call.

He said the slugs are plated not true jacketed FMJs and that's the reason for the warning.

Took the opportunity to ask some more questions. He said places like Cheaperthandirt are indeed scalping that Federal hasn't made any large price increases on their ammo, so when Cheaperthandirt is charging nearly $36/box when not long ago they asked $12, they're shafting us.

Finally, he said they can't keep up with demand, that the difference between now and in the past is shooters buying thousands of rounds at a time vice hundreds in the past.

Thank you Mr President. Don
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