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I'm new to reloading (with my own stuff, anyway) and I have managed to get 1.5K SPM's, 500 SP's and 630 SRM's in the last few weeks, I overpaid a little, but not terrible; $40, or less, per 1K. Add this to the 900 SP I already had and I'm not in terrible shape.

I keep hitting up people on armslist, the local stores, and checking the regular websites. However, I'm finding I can get them cheaper from individuals than the stores with the haz-mat and shipping included. I'm on a tight budget trying to get this thing going.

Fortunately, a buddy and I made an order with PV about halfway through the crazy, back when they had about a third of the stuff "in stock". Now, there's not much left. I have 300 .224 bullets, 500 .38 bullets, and only 150 .40 bullets. I amassing brass and have enough to make all the .223's and .40's I have. I also have two pounds of rifle powder and one pound of pistol. If I could go back, I would have ordered differently.

Now, if the damn storms would stop so my RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Kit could arrive. It was supposed to arrive Friday...damn snow.
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