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Originally Posted by SJShooter View Post

Now, throw in rack the slide, and I am just not sure you make it.

I also think that adding an external safety to a Glock is ridiculous. If you don't feel safe with a Glock and require an external safety, then there are plenty of reliable semi-autos out there...
I accept the risk of an attack that I can't respond to effectively from C3 because (a) the odds of it happening in my case are so low as to be unworthy of concern, and (b) the risk of a ND in C1 is way greater than the probability of needing to quick draw against an attacker, in my opinion.

Adding a manual safety to one of my Glock pistols may seem ridiculous to you, but I already own multiple Glocks, the Cominolli kit is reported to be reliable, and I really like Glock pistols despite the absence of a safety.

I'm not tied to the Glock brand; I tried to find an M&P Shield because of it's factory safety, but the only ones I find are on Gunbroker for $500-$600 plus shipping plus the FFL fee. For $133 I can make a Glock safer.

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