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So, any ideas how to get my $300 back from the Glockstore? My calls no longer get answered. The phone (at the 858 number) will ring awhile then you can hear someone pickup and immediately hang up without saying a word. Emails and website pop up messages aren't responded to except by the same damn form letter whining about how busy they are and how hard they are having to work. He;;, I'm on ssi disability and it's hard to come by. Now these idiots won't respond to me and won't send my items. All I get is lies and the runaround.

Short of contacting the BBB (which won't get my money back) or small claims court, I don't know what to do. I don't have a credit card so the money was drawn straight from my credit union via debit card. I'm so frustrated I feel like b i o t c h slapping somebody. I will never order from any of Lenny Magills rip off enterprises again.
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