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I am late to this discussion, but one thing everyone should do is have a friend stand 30-40 feet away from them and then run towards them and see if you can go from a casual, unassuming position, to draw and fire before they are on you. Of course you do this with an empty gun and you set up your drill so you don't have to actually point at your friend so you can be safe (have them run from a different direction). But my guess is that for most people, unless they are standing still and amped up waiting for the exercise to begin, they will have to drill to be able to make this clean draw and fire a shot before they are tackled/stabbed.

Now, throw in rack the slide, and I am just not sure you make it.

I also think that adding an external safety to a Glock is ridiculous. If you don't feel safe with a Glock and require an external safety, then there are plenty of reliable semi-autos out there that offer one and you should really find a platform that fits your needs rather than being so married to a brand. You can still be a "Glock guy" just because you pick a different brand tool for a particular use (in this case, safe carry).

But, hey, I know a guy who carries a J-frame revolver with four rounds. It has an enclosed hammer and he says he gets nervous squeezing it into a tight leather holster, so he stacks the first chamber empty, and says he can just pull the trigger twice in a scenario because he'll probably unload the gun without realizing it anyway. To each, their own...

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