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Originally Posted by Phases View Post
I tried calling a bunch and could never get through, except once finally yesterday - and I got put on hold for a long time only to eventually, just as I was about to hang up, get someone who was kinda rude with the whole thing. And I polite about it too, not aggressive or anything.

"It should ship this week I'm sure".

I said alright, thanks.. and got off.

Phases, I got through 3 different times and was told "It will definitely ship by the end of this week". One of those calls I had to listen to them smacking food while taking my call. They billed my card on the 4th and as of today (2/26) I still don't have any of my items.

Forgot to mention they charged me $48 shipping for 20 small items like recoil springs, decal grips, and DVDs.

Just to refresh I placed my order back in mid January. I ordered NO magazines,ammo,frames,slides, or guns.
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