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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
Squeeze, I can't rack a slide silently either. Nor do I want to have to.

Folks used to say the sound of their shotgun chambering a round would send most burglars packing. Maybe racking a slide would have the same effect.

My bedside gun is kept in C3, but I have a dandy alarm system that will awaken me and the neighbors. In fact, my alarm system from ADT provides coverage of doors, windows (glass breakage) and motion detectors. Heat and smoke detectors are also integrated into the ADT system. This is my effort to mitigate risk of home invasion and fire for my family. The service is expensive, but its more important than 'stuff' we do without to afford it.

The argument I've heard most against a ready-to-go bedside gun is the risk associated with grabbing it in the darkness before you're fully awake. That makes sense to me.
All reasonable points; thank you.

Alarms here? Check! Basically the same as yours.

That said, alarm systems do fail, as ours has, at least once.

If I hear a strange noise and it awakens me, or simply alerts me, I'm on alert, big time. Why? Well let's just say I've been the victim of crime, or come pretty close to being a victim but managed to avoid being one, more times that I'd care to try to count. My perspective is probably quite different from others. But I'm still here, and not paranoid, and don't intend on being a victim. Never have, never will. That said, if someone decides they want to attack you no matter what, I hope and pray you are psychologically ready, at the least, to do what you must not to go down.

The too-groggy-to-be-safe with a handgun doesn't apply chez-moi. Other people, of course it does.

Edit: Guns (even Glocks) at times jam/fail/go kaputsky. Nice to have an extra available, and a good fixed-blade too, such as a KaBar. One never knows...

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