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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
2011 was a very good year for NDs (only 15) for the NYC police. Here is the ND history looking back a few years:

24 in 2002
25 in 2003
27 in 2004
25 in 2005
26 in 2006
15 in 2007
15 in 2008
23 in 2009
21 in 2010
15 in 2011

If you add up the 10 year results, the total is 216 NDs, or an average of 22 per year.

I don't know how many years NYPD has used Glock pistols, but I suspect a good many of these NDs (most, I suspect) were with Glocks.

I do know it is politically incorrect, or worse, to post statements here that seem to cast a negative shadow on Glock pistols. Really, I'm not. I'm just trying to highlight the true risk of carrying a Glock in C1 without gun handling experience and training beyond what most of us attain...and maintain.

I once shadowed a police officer. They have to handle their firearm more than we do. Any time they book an arrest, they must unholster and put in lock box. I don't unholster most of the time. I simply take the holstered gun off and put in safe.
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