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Originally Posted by 1canvas View Post
I have two and I use them on a limited basis. I think in most situations that a holster needs to be attached. a Remora carry is IMO just a step up from just tucking a gun in your belt. it does cover the trigger well and under most conditions doesn't move a lot, but it is in no way close to being secure as a good quality holster that attaches to the belt. I use them mostly for pocket carry in my coats.
I have carried in a Remora while squatting repeatedly to lift stones and move them around the yard without any movement of the rig. I was wearing a belt which obv. gives better compression for the Remora than not using a belt. I have worn a Remora while working under my car, working in the yard, canoeing, hiking, camping... I have never had any issue with a Remora holster moving. I have found that the Remora is even more secure if you place it inside your underwear directly against your hip. Its just more "sticky" against your skin.

I don't have to cinch my pants or belt up any tighter than when I'm not carrying. If you already have an issue with your pants falling down because you don't have a butt to and/or you're fat, you may have an issue with a Remora if you don't wear a belt.
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