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Originally Posted by Glock30Eric View Post

If you know a gun store that has one of it in stock then please be kindful to leave the store's phone # or website to that dealer. I would like to have it soon as possible.

Very few LGS w/G4G30 in stock/store..... I want one too! Fortunately, GT Distributors in town & I have G4G30 on order w/no $$$ dn & no obligation to buy. However, they call me upon its arrival, then I go make the purchase. Usually, I'm not very patient. BTW, they are so busy cannot take phone orders.

Yet, Ive used this wait time to buy a few accessories; TFO sites, TLR1s Lite, Raven Phantom OWB LC holster, and .45ACP ammo (local Class III Gun Store, walk-in ammo buys only).
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