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I tried to order some parts from Glockstore on the 15th, but I found the parts cheaper on Ebay and Amazon, and got them without waiting for weeks. Also, Glockstore was charging me $15 shipping for $35 worth of small Glock parts- little springs, spring cups, a FP spacer, little slide and trigger parts. Insane. Even though the parts were a buck or two higher on Ebay, free shipping vs Glockstores $15 ship charge made the Ebay prices about the same or lower.
I ordered a couple of mag springs on the 19th from Glockstore and haven't heard from them but it's only been a week. I tried to order from Glockmeister twice, on the 15th and again on the 19th, but both times, I found the parts from somewhere else, and so I canceled both orders. . Both times the parts came without delay, once from Ebay, and once from MidwayUSA.
Britnee at Glockmeister was fast in responding to my requests for order cancellation.
Taste the wares, Email.
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