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Originally Posted by chickenwing View Post
You have dodged AG's post. You did not put forth any meaningful rebuttal, you completely ignored it.

And for the love of god. IT'S NOT ABOUT CONVINCING YOU, get our yourself. It's about evidence. And we are still waiting for you to list yours for ID.

What is the evidence for ID again?

You are certainly attached to a position. Which is ID. Stop pretending to be some super-agnostic.
Well if it makes you feel better to delude yourself, there's no need for me to dissuade you from your intentionally fictitious claims about me designed to distract from your own evangelical nature.

There is no "evidence". There is supposition. Suppose it all came together on its own. Look, zapping man made primordial soup making tiny pieces vaguely similar to parts of a complex machine is not evidence. Neither is recognizing the improbability of all the right pieces being in all the right places on a tiny scale, correctly assembled, with no missing or extra parts, all cooperating, by someone or something.

There is no real evidence for ID or Abiogenesis. They are both fantastic claims without convincing evidence. There is a lack of evidence for either claim, although both sides argue there is evidence, both seem to need to believe one way or the other.

I know you feel a strong need to believe in abiogenesis to the exclusion of all other possibilities. I get where you are coming from.

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