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Originally Posted by Victoriagotagun View Post

On the off site safe would the date be?
As archaic as the rule of 3 is, it's still valid.

3 backups. 2 immediately accessible, one off site.

When I was taught, it was long before cloud storage or the internet being able to field large files well.

Generally it was tape backups, one in the server room, another in a safe somewhere else on-site, a third copy of it at another physical site location also in a safe.

Nowadays, with how cheap storage media really is, you could have two usb hard drives and duplicate from one to the other.

Keep the second one somewhere else safe - safety deposit box is a great solution.

If you want long-term storage, then optical media (cd,dvd, blu-ray) is the only way to go. Non-magnetic, so won't be erased by magnets. Doesn't suffer the (roughly) ten year limit flash media does.

As long as the cd is physically in good condition, what is on it is on it. Just keep them out of sunlight and excess heat, safe in a binder from being scratched, and they will last for a very, very long time. Don't write on them with a sharpie, use a real cd marker with acid-free ink.
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