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Originally Posted by chickenwing View Post
Still feeding the troll I see.

What is the evidence for ID again? That life is to complicated to happen without a "designer"?

I've yet to see any facts disputing AG's post listing the evidence that supports abiogenesis, just a bunch of wishy washy, "anything is possible" BS.

What I find most funny is you cling to your "belief" of a designer. Yet have no problem chiding posters on their "beliefs".

You are not the middle of the road, objective agnostic you claim to be. Stop the BS. You are a troll, and don't have the balls to argue for any position that makes you wrong. Instead you pretend to be "objective" with your passive-aggressive-super-duper-agnostic nonsense.

You really don't even have an argument. Because with your position everything is possible.

AND more important please list the evidence for ID.
He reminds me a lot of the hippy girl Storm from Tim Minchin's beatnik poem. I wouldn't be surprised if he even had a fairy tattooed above his ass. And for some strange reason I always read his posts in the voice of Mr. Herbert from Family Guy.

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