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A week ago I had to call 911 for my 16 month old daughter. While waiting for the ambulance I ran over to unlock the door. I also took off my ccw in holster. I set it on a book shelf. (Only place to put it with out leavong room, i was alone) as I thought at any minute I would be doing CPR .

Once the ambulance arrived they sent me to get a car seat and prepare to get in ambulance. I come back in the room and there is a sheriff standing next to my gun.

He looks at me. Looks at the gun and says aaaaaaaaa... and kinda points.

I said I'm sorry . I carry. I have a permit . He could see it if he wanted And I would put it away of he let me. He said yes put it away and he let me pick it up. He followed me to my bed room and watched me put it on top of my safe.

He never asked for my permit .

I thought this was nice on his part. Dumb on mine for leaving it out. But I really had no choice.

molan labe
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