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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post

Thanks for the thoughtless drive by ad hom post. Let the adults talk for a while, we'll call you.

I'm just not attached to a poorly supported supposition, either ID or Abiogenesis, both of which are poorly supported with current data. Neither has been observed. Neither has convincing evidence, unless the person being convince really wants to be convinced, like yourself for example.

Oh well, faith happens.
You have dodged AG's post. You did not put forth any meaningful rebuttal, you completely ignored it.

And for the love of god. IT'S NOT ABOUT CONVINCING YOU, get our yourself. It's about evidence. And we are still waiting for you to list yours for ID.

What is the evidence for ID again?

You are certainly attached to a position. Which is ID. Stop pretending to be some super-agnostic.
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