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Originally Posted by chickenwing View Post
Still feeding the troll I see.

What is the evidence for ID again? That life is to complicated to happen without a "designer"?

I've yet to see any facts disputing AG's post listing the evidence that supports abiogenesis, just a bunch of wishy washy, "anything is possible" BS.

What I find most funny is you cling to your "belief" of a designer. Yet have no problem chiding posters on their "beliefs".

You are not the middle of the road, objective agnostic you claim to be. Stop the BS. You are a troll, and don't have the balls to argue for any position that makes you wrong. Instead you pretend to be "objective" with your passive-aggressive-super-duper-agnostic nonsense.

You really don't even have an argument. Because with your position everything is possible.

AND more important please list the evidence for ID.

Thanks for the thoughtless drive by ad hom post. Let the adults talk for a while, we'll call you.

I'm just not attached to a poorly supported supposition, either ID or Abiogenesis, both of which are poorly supported with current data. Neither has been observed. Neither has convincing evidence, unless the person being convince really wants to be convinced, like yourself for example.

Oh well, faith happens.
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