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Originally Posted by Vic Hays View Post
There seems to be an unspoken premise here that you are hitting on. That premise is; Christians believe that the earth is (fill in the blank) years old , therefore if we can prove (fill in the blank) years old they will abandon their faith and join with the unbelievers in their miserable hopeless world view.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but my faith does not rest upon the foundation of the age of the earth.
No unspoken premise, and no burst bubble here. There are plenty of Christians that can reconcile a 4.5 billion year old earth with their beliefs. It was not an attempt to get anybody to abandon their faith. Merely to determine if it was worth pursuing a discussion of science. When somebody admits that regardless of evidence they will not accept something that runs counter to their faith, it is not worth pursuing the discussion. This is the case with discussing abiogenesis or evolution with you given your earlier comment that, "One thing that I have as a foundation belief is that the Bible is the inspired word of God. This definitely rules out the spontaneous appearance of life. It also rules out evolution as the force behind the creation of man."

Originally Posted by Vic Hays View Post
The Bible outlines the history of the earth from beginning to end. I know the future because it has been revealed to me through Gods word. I know the specifics for my time and the near future. God warned of the flood. Do you see anything left of the ones before the flood who scoffed at the warning?
In a previous discussion of the flood and dinosaurs you shared the following, "It has been suggested that the dinosaurs were a product of gene splicing and were therefore amalgamated and not the pure creation of God. When you think of the lifespan of man before the flood and the fact that their every thought became evil continually it makes sense that they might gene splice to grow food and produce animals for warfare.
This would be a good reason for the dinosaurs to be left off the Ark.

You'll have to understand my skepticism when you enter a discussion of science because in one quote you admit that regardless of evidence you cannot accept a theory (in this case evolution), and in this quote you think "it makes sense" that over 4000 years ago man was performing genetic splicing to create dinosaurs for food and warfare which would explain why they were not spared on the arc, despite not a shred of evidence to support this.

So you reject evidence when it counters your faith, and you are willing to accept an incredulous claim with no evidence when it supports your faith. That is why I made my earlier "zero credibility" remark.

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