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Yes, in Texas, you are required to let the police officer who stops you know that you have a CCL and present that with your driver's license when asked for indentification.

I have been known, when I want to take a mental vacation from work to lock up all my gear and pretend that I am a "real person" and not just a number. So, I assume the role of a "civilian" a lot of times when I am off, and it means I have to play by the same rules.

But, I believe in professional courtesy, so even when I am carrying my duty weapon with the requisite gear and credentials, I let whoever decided to stop me know that I am armed for their safety and mine.

It really only is common sense. If you have ever performed a traffic stop, you would understand what is going through their mind and feel empathetic.

I remember a long time ago when I was running a checkpoint, the dog hit on a guy's vehicle. He ended up being legitimate. On secondary inspection, he told me there was a firearm in the vehicle.

I told him just not to go near the vehicle until the inspection was done, and it wasn't a big deal. He seemed nervous about it. I reassured him that unless there was a crime comitted it wouldn't be an issue.

He went on his way.

LEO's aren't anti-gun, they just like a head's up when one is in play.

When it was all said and done we shook hands and found out we were both NRA members.

I appreciated him letting me know. I make sure anyone conducting a traffic stop on me also has the same courtesy.

I have had some interesting experiences being pulled over.

I was in an unmarked prisoner van, and had just arrested someone at a probation and parole office. We were unmarked.

My partner, since deceased, said, "What the heck is this guy doing?"

A State Trooper took interest in our vehicle and lit us up.

I told him, "Well, let's pull over and see what he wants."

We pull over, and sure enough, he wanted us.

I told my partner to cant the wheels, opne the window and to put his hands on the steering wheel.

I was sitting shotgun, so I put my hands up on the dash.

The look on his face was priceless when he came up on the driver's side door.

He just ran into two people who knew how to assume the position.

Once he figured out who we were, and what we were doing, you could see him noticibly relax.

He chuckled, patted the driver's door and was on his way.

A little courtesy on a stop goes a long way. LEO's want to know whether you are armed, why, and where the firearm is. They like to go home to their families after the shift is over.

So, if you get stopped. Don't get silly, don't blow a gasket. If you are calm and respectful, it goes a long way.
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