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Here in Texas, CHLs are required by law to identify themselves to law enforcement when stopped.

If I made a traffic stop, and while I was talking to the driver I saw he had a gun, and he hadn't notified me (as required by law), I'd probably screw a gun in his ear too.

The way I see it, there's really no good reason not to tell a cop, who stopped you for breaking a law (albeit a small one), that you've got a gun on you, unless you're up to no good. If you're up to no good, and you've got a gun on you, you can expect to have my gun screwed in your ear.

I'd rather get the jump on someone, and have to dust them them off later with a sincere apology, than let a potential BG with a gun get the jump on me. I like going home to my family at night.

Does that make me a bad guy?

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