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This is all great advice! Thank you so much!
Arc Angel, I will definitely look in to getting these DVDs! - I already bookmarked them on Amazon I have a great appreciation for the physical aspect of shooting, so these DVDs sound great!
Whatever way you go, good luck to you! (And, you're going to need a larger size pistol.)
The more I get in to shooting the more I see this happening in the next year or so! :D
AzSon, I have seen the LaserLyte pistol trainer before, but are there any others you would recommend? Once of my goals is to shoot in a GSSF or other local match once I've trained more, hopefully before the end of this summer. I figure if I'm going to own a gun I might as well have fun with it! - safely -
tryosglock, Beanie-Bean & Kentguy, these are all really good points, especially considering the small size and layout of my apartment. That will definitely be my next step while I wait on getting the DVDs Arc Angel recommended!
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