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Car stop with a ccw driver - what would you do?

Preface: I suspect this may end up being a controversial thread. I post this because I am curious what all of you in CT (that are LE) think about my question. I'm not here to bash or start a "all cops are JBT's" type thread. Nor will I criticize any LE responses to this thread.

Background facts:
I have a family member who is LE in my state. Just to be 100% clear, CCW is shall issue in my state, and you're not legally required to inform LE during a stop. I am not LE myself, but I do have a ccw permit, and know a LOT of people who ccw themselves.

Anyways, during a phone call tonight, my family member (referred to as the FM from here on out) was talking about he dislikes shall issue ccw ("They hand them out like candy here"), and related a story of pulling over a driver for a minor traffic offense (no other reason for the stop other then the traffice violation).

Prior to the stop, running the plates shows nothing of interest. The driver was polite and compliant when contacted, and when requested for his car registration and insurance, reached over to his glover box to get the documents. When the driver reached over, his shirt hiked up a bit, revealing a handgun holstered on the left side hip area.

The FM at this point draws his firearm, points it at the head of the driver, and orders the driver out of the car and detains him.

My first question is this: Given the same situation, what would you do?

My second question related to this. Given the same situation, but lets say the driver informs you promptly during the stop that he's armed and has a permit. He keeps his hands on the steering wheel at all times. Under what circumstances do you feel it would be appropriate to pull the driver out of the car, and handcuff him?
Driver carries less than $20 of remorse.

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