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Originally Posted by DannyB View Post
I imagine this info is here somewhere I just haven't found it.

What is the recoil difference between the two? Is it just a little bit, somewhat, a lot, etc.

I know my G22 doesn't bother me in the least bit compared to 17's and 19's. I just thought the "baby" might be a handful. Actually, I don't consider anything to really be a handful. I have shot a S&W 500 After that everything else is a pop gun.

I may have the opportunity to trade another gun that I don't shoot much for a G27 and am trying to make up my mind. Since I already have a G26 and really like it a lot I am second guessing why even mess with the G27. I guess it is mostly curiosity since I have never shot one.
If a G22 doesn't bother you?
I don't think a G27 will either.
You can always run 180 gr sub sonic ammo if you want to reduce felt recoil.

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