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Originally Posted by Akita View Post
Gotta agree and disagree with you on traffic. I've driven LA and was pleasantly suprised by the 'competence' of most of the drivers. My wife's (now deceased) Alzheimer's mother drove better than almost everyone I ever met outside of CA. My wife is hand-down the best female driver I have ever ridden with-better than the great majority of men. I think its one of those Learn or Die things in CA.

But by far the worst traffic I have experienced on a regular basis is Houston. Birmingham, Ala is as intense, but Houston wins on duration. Took me 7 hours to get home 30 miles from Houston one day with nothing except a minor wreck 20 miles north of town. On a good day, you have to drive like you dont care if you die, or someone will take away the space you are occupying!
I drove flatbed for many years and you hit the nail on the head about Houston, BAD any time of the day any side of the city ahhhh boy you brought back some memories. Same with Birmingham, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Gary, NASHVILLE, LA isn't bad at all just slow goin.

San Diego could be a mess but San Diego traffic had a rhythm zero to 60 to 0 to 60 to 0 all the way.

LA seemed to move at about 10 mph but constant and predictable.
I was saying I'd drive LA any day over Nashville.
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