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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
I think that if you're allowed to open carry, you should be required to take a class teaching you how to retain your handgun, to try and avoid what happened in that convenience store.
Negligent discharges happen with a likely higher statistical frequency than OC gun grabs, so by your logic, should everyone be *required* to pass training to even purchase a firearm?

Further, even licensed CHL holders can make mistakes. Does the statistically low probability of something going wrong mean that CC shouldn't be legal as well? That's ridiculous.

Come on guys, something here is being done to try and advance gun rights in Texas. Almost every other part of the nation is further restricting gun rights. As gun owners and responsible law abiding citizens we should all be embracing this and contacting representatives, regardless of whether or not you personally choose to open carry for tactical or personal reasons.

Being legal doesn't mean you'll see it spring up everywhere. Hell, I've lived in Texas for almost 30 years and long gun open carry is legal here and I can't remember many instances I've seen it, but it sure is nice when you need to bring a long gun into a gun shop from your car, especially when that gun shop is in a busy shopping center with other businesses.
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